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Electrician's Supplies

Available Services

Environmentally Friendly

At S2S Electric Ltd., we make sure our impact on the environment is a good one.


We use a number of environmentally friendly materials including LED lights. This advancing lighting technology uses energy more efficiently. Save money with LED lights that last longer than any other type of lighting while conserving much more energy.

We use energy-efficient brands like Leviton and Lutron to save you money and help lower your carbon footprint. 

24-Hour Emergency Service

No matter what time of day, S2S Electric Ltd. offers
24-Hour Emergency Services.


Whether you’ve got a blown fuse or require quick rewiring, our team can handle it quickly. You won’t have to wait around in the dark.


We’ll be the solution to all your electrical problems.


Don’t hesitate to call our emergency line.

A utility van with S2S Electric branding in front of a scenic background
A truck with a bucket attachment and S2S Electric branding
New Home Construction & Renovations

S2S Electric Ltd. is split between residential and commercial electrical services. For home builders and homeowners, we can retrofit old homes, upgrade to more energy-efficient lights, or install a variety of electrical systems from security to entertainment.


For more information on what kind of residential work we cover, please review the list below:

  • Knob & Tube Replacement Wiring

  • Retrofitting Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Changing Fuse Panels

  • Security System Installation

  • Bucket Truck Services

Heating and Cooling

We do in-floor heating and air condition unit installation, as well as HVAC systems, refrigeration, fans, and more. 

Custom Work

Custom work is available for ceiling fans, saunas, and pot light layout installations.

Commercial Services

Looking to build a new office, retail space or parking lot? S2S Electric Ltd. can provide commercial electrical services to have your property working at its best. We do everything from display lighting to modular wiring systems. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct & Indirect Lighting

  • Alarm Systems

  • Parking Lot Lights

  • Data & Telephone Systems & Design

  • Electrical Generators

  • Exit/Emergency Lighting

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